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Tour with Treasure Hunt “Cossack Secrets”

Tour with Treasure Hunt “Cossack Secrets”

It’s more than a quest game, more than just a tour.

This is an unforgettable opportunity to spend time with your family, colleagues, or friends. Cossack trials, ancient games and fun will “spice up” your day, and a symbolic initiation to the Cossacks will give you the feeling of victory!

The quest game in Cossack style is unusual, unique, and unforgettable! The hosts of the quest will be dressed in authentic costumes of the 18th century. They will offer to use an imaginary time machine and travel back to the times of Ukrainian national heroes – Cossacks. Following the rout over the historical center of Kyiv, you will not only hear the most interesting facts of the Ukrainian history, but also will solve mysterious riddles, pass the Cossack trials, and even check whether you have supernatural abilities.

Here are some interesting challenges that you may be proposed:

  • Cossack riddles, puzzles, and word-making tasks.
  • Task for observation, logic, and reaction speed.
  • Exercises for accuracy and dexterity.
  • Talent show.
  • Test of your “sixth sense”.
  • Cossack songs, ancient games, and entertainment.

Tour with Treasure Hunt is a team game that helps interact in a team, trust each other, follow directions, and make quick decisions. And the symbolic competition between the teams always gives a good incentive to be active and to win!

Beginning of the tour: Golden Gates of Kyiv (next to the monument of Yaroslav the Wise).

End of the tour: Old Kyiv Hill (Starokyyivska Hora) next to St Andrew’s Church.

Duration: 2 hours.

Language of the tour: English.


for 1-5 people – 3500 UAH.

for 6-10 people – 4000 UAH.

for group of 11-20 people – 300 UAH per person.
for group of 21-40 people – 250 UAH per person.


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