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Tour “Kyiv is a land of Cossacks”

Tour “Kyiv is a land of Cossacks”

Just imagine yourself living in the 17th century in Kyiv. What are you wearing? What do you do? Probably you are a famous Cossack warrior or a beautiful Cossack girl.

Let’s travel along the Kyiv Cossack paths and find the answers to important questions. Would Ukraine exist if there were not Cossacks? Why are Ukrainians so smart, courageous and freedom-loving? What Kyiv looked like in the 16-18 century and what unites modern Ukrainians with the heroes of that time.

Beginning of the tour: Golden gates (next to the monument to Yaroslav the Wise).

End of the tour: Church of the Tithes.

Duration: 3 hours.

Language of the tour: English.


for 1-5 people – 3000 UAH.
for 6-10 people – 4000 UAH.
for group of more than 10 people – 400 UAH per person.

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